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At Moonridge School of Dance we strive to teach the legacy of classical ballet training and the discipline that goes along with it. Please carefully read the following to set your dancer up for success. The dance world can be strange and overwhelming at first so please never hesitate to ask questions. The teachers of Moonridge School of Dance are passionate about their art and are delighted to pass along their knowledge to your children. Please help us make this a life-long experience of learning for everyone involved.


  • Attendace is crucial for the continued development of a dancer and is expected to be taken seriously.
  • Teachers vow to do their absolute best to adhere to the class schedule! We WILL start on time; please plan accordingly to avoid your dancer’s exclusion from participation.
  • Dancers are strongly encouraged to attend all level classes to make sure they keep up with their cohort. Fewer hours risks losing ground and not progressing to the next level with their cohort.
  • Dancer are strongly encouraged to take classes at their assigned level unless otherwise instructed by Maria.
  • Dancers who are more than 10 minutes late will be asked to do a “sit out”. This does not count as an absence, but allows the dancer to learn the information in class without risking injury.
  • If your dancer is unable to attend class that day you must call the studio to notify of their absence to avoid an unexcused absence. And so we don’t worry about them.
  • Unexcused absences are not eligible for make-up classes. See attendance policy for details.
  • Dancers may make-up excused absences approved by the teacher of the missed class and the teacher of the make-up class. Please see the front desk for make-up slips.
  • No more than 3 make-ups per calendar month without special approval. No more than 6 total per session without special approval.
  • MSOD will call a snow day in concordance with Bear Valley Unified School District. Cancellations will not be counted as absences. Snow day make-ups will be announced. Please provide an e-mail address so you can be notified of cancellation.


3 Excused Absences are allowed in each calendar month. To qualify as an excused absence you MUST contact MSOD to indicate your child’s absence from class that day. Make-Up classes must be completed within one month of excused absences. Make-up slips must be approved by the teachers of the missed class and the make-up class. No more than 6 approved absences and make-ups in one Session without special approval. More than 6 may compromise the dancer’s contract with the studio.

Please see the front desk for required make-up slips.

“Sit Out”: if a dancer is too late to join class, or recovering from illness or injury the dancer may “sit out” and watch. This option is highly encouraged because observation is an excellent way to learn! A “sit-out” does not qualify as an absence.

3 unexcused absences in a calendar month, or 5 in a Session may terminate the dancer’s contract with the studio and forfeit all tuition paid. You must communicate with MSOD about absences.


  • See the download or the front desk for class pricing and packages.
  • Monthly payment will be made in full by the 10th of each month.
  • A late fee of 10% applies to payment made after the 10th.
  • See the below Tuition Policies for details. Please always communicate with us about your payment needs so we can serve your child.


Tuition is due in full by the 10th of every month. Payment unpaid after the 10th of each month will incur a 10% late fee. If Payment unpaid is unpaid by the first class of the following month your child forfeits contract and classes until tuition and late fees have been paid in full.

There will be a $25 returned check fee and exclusion from class until tuition and fees have been paid in full.

Tuition is non-refundable. Classes may be made up or will be forfeited. Make-up classes within one month of excused absence(s). See Make-Up and Absences Policies.

Studio Conduct:

  • Dancers should arrive at least 10 minutes before their class to prepare and warm up.
  • Upon arrival if the studio is open dancers are welcome to use the studio to stretch.
  • Dancers and teachers only in the studios please!
  • If the previous class is still in session please wait quietly in the lobby out of respect.
  • Dancers may bring water (only water) to class to avoid dehydration!
  • No street shoes in the studios at any time! Parking lot oils are real.
  • Help us keep the lobby organized! Please use cubbies and bins for shoe/bag storage during class. PLEASE pick up after your dancer, and help us keep ants and mice away by making sure snacks are cleaned up. NO SWEETENED DRINKS IN THE STUDIO OR LOBBY.


MSOD will call snow days in concordance with Bear Valley Unified School District. Snow Days will be made up as is appropriate during the Session. Please provide an e-mail address so you can be notified of cancelation.

Please see the Event Calendar for scheduled breaks.

If a class has fewer than 4 students (or few than 3 if the class level is only 3 dancers) in attendance for 3 successive weeks the class is subject to postponement at the owner’s discretion. No refunds will be made. Credit may be applied to other classes.

In event of a withdrawal decision made BEFORE the first day of class tuition refund may be paid. Parents MUST contact the studio in writing or in person to signify and confirm withdrawal. If withdrawal is decided after the first day of class tuition is non-refundable. Application for tuition adjustment may be considered in case of illness and injury if accompanied by a Doctor’s note and requires an absence of more than 10 days.


It is understood that upon signing this agreement I assume full responsibility for myself/child for injury or damage from any cause whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly from participation in the exercises or dance program and waive any claim against Maria Knisley, Moonridge School of Dance and its employees, hereby making this a full release of all liability for personal injury.

Moonridge School of Dance assumes no responsibilities for loss or theft of personal belongings or holdings.

MSOD Uniform


  • Dancers must be in their assigned level uniform. Please see front desk for purchase of uniform.
  • Dancer’s hair should be neatly pulled off their face and neck into a ballet bun or twist. Hairnets are handy to keep hair tucked in. If you’re stumped by the ballet bun or twist try YouTube!
  • No bracelets, necklaces, or dangling earrings.
  • Convertible tights are encourage, but should be worn inside shoes during class/rehearsal.
  • Ballet tights are made to be worn without panties. Panties under tights cause twisting mayhem.
  • Please tuck draw strings and elastics into ballet shoes before class.
  • Warm ups are allowed on cold winter days with teacher permission.

Every level requires:

  • Pink, mesh, seamed tights.
  • Pink ballet shoes.
  • Leotards should fit properly and not be fussy or distracting for the dancer.
  • Boys All Levels and Rehearsal: black short, leggings, or tights, with a white t-shirt, and black ballet shoes. Black tap shoes for Creative Movement and Dance Fundamentals.


Level Uniform and Leotard Colors:
Please see the front desk to find your child’s assigned class level.

  • Creative Movement: Pink leotard. Black tap shoes. Please, minimal “floofies”, sparkles, etc.
  • Dance Fundamentals: Pink leotard. Black Tap shoes. Please, minimal “floofies”, sparkles, etc.
  • Ballet I: Lavender leotard.
  • Ballet II: Royal Blue leotard.
  • Ballet III: Burgundy leotard. Dancers may wear ballet skirts/shorts in class.
  • Ballet IV: Black leotard. Dancers may wear ballet skirts/shorts in class.
  • Jazz/Hip-Hip: leotards, leggings, fitted shirt (if wanted), and black slip-on jazz shoes.
  • Lyrical: leotards, tights, leggings, shirts that allow movement, see teacher for shoe preference.
  • Tap: tights, leotards, leggings, fitted shirts, and black tap shoes.
  • Rehearsal Uniform: All dancers from Ballet I – IV please wear a black leotard, pink mesh seamed tights, and pink shoes to all company rehearsals. Dance Creations and Dance Fundamentals please wear pink. Dancers may wear ballet skirts/shorts.